Monday, February 20, 2006

Still here

Just back from New Zealand after having company AGM which included 2 and half rounds of golf. Tough work but somebody has to do it.

Can't dummy spit about getting another stress fracture. At least they have been on different legs and it is not the same leg returning.

Best guess is that I can return to training in early May after 3 months off. That might put me in line to get back some decent fitness for City to Surf and the Sydney Marathon.

I do have a couple more races at my Surf Club in the next month. Only on the sand so they won't do too much harm.

I will be doing a 2k Ocean Swim at Manly this Sunday which should be fun, plus any others I can find.
Thanks for everyones comments.


Gronk said...

Yes NZ has some beautiful golf courses SF. Lucky you !

May will be here before you know it. :)

Professor said...

Geez mate, I may have worked out what's putting all this stress on those chopsticks of yours...(I can say that because you know I've got two the same!)

it's carrying around all the weight of the Ian Thorpe shoulders you're building up!

We may not see you so often, but hang in there Flake, you'll be back again soon..see you Saturday??


KIT said...

Good attitude there SF!!! Getting upset doesn't fix things... otherwise I would never have any problems ;-)

R2B said...

Hang in there mate!
Ps what is your bone density like?
Cheers R2B

Horrie said...

Good to see you staying positive Flake. Enjoy the swim on Sunday.

Jen_runs said...

Welcome back Flakey. So sorry to hear about your stressy. Looks like it's back to the scenic gym for you :-)

Aki said...

Keep up the swimming SF, that way your fitness won't be lost. 2km of a 'sighted' swim, sheesh, that's huge!