Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nth Bondi Classic 2k Ocean Swim

The day started in a panic as the usual Bondi traffic meant I was almost parked back near Randwick just to get a parking spot.
Anyway the day started pretty cloudy but the cover cleared up a fair bit during the swim getting pretty hot out in the water.

Goggles stayed on, in fact I think I made them too tight and left a couple of nice marks on my face from the goggle pressure after the swim.
The water was so clear or were my goggles magnified I'm not sure. I could see a lot of the bottom most of the swim and I am sure it was deep past the two points we swam past.

The swim was straight out at Nth Bondi and then turn South and head towards Bronte and then turn and swim back in towards the Bondi Icebergs club. Then the long swim back to Nth Bondi against the Northerly swell with tired arms and legs.
Swimming was not much to write home about. But then again I do these because it is a fun day in the surf.
I have photos I took on my phone. Too hard to take a camera. Can't do with blogger at the moment keep getting an error.


Tesso said...

Goggle eyes is such a good look ;-)

Photos from a surf lifesavers race - I hope you manage to get them loaded up :-)

Lulu said...

Sounds like hard work! That's one of the reasons I don't like swimming, the goggle marks; makes me look like I've had a week of late nights!

Horrie said...

Glad to see you made it back safely Flake and the sharks didn't get you. ;-)

Ewen said...

It's good to have clear goggles so you can spot the sharks.

So, your phone is waterproof SF?

miners said...

Well done with the swim mate. Hope the injury is starting to sort itself out