Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Stress Fracture Final

Visited the Sports Doctor this morning who looked at my old Bone Scans of the left leg from August last year.
He then checked my right leg to see how much pain I had when he pressed the bone.

His advice was that the stress fracture that showed up in August on the right has decided to raise it's ugly head and I shouldn't run until he can press on the leg and I have no pain.

From his advice the one on the left leg which I had all the tests done in August last year has fairly well been repaired as I don't have much pain at all when he presses it. He does not know why the right has now decided to start being painful.

So basically I won't be doing much running until I feel that I don't have the pain in my leg.
He did say that the Anterior Tibia stress fracture which I have is the hardest one to heal. Great Doc!

So that means no Canberra Marathon and very unlikely for the Gold Coast as I can't do the training in time to return to the fitness that I would want to be at to run it fast.

It looks like I have a few more Ocean Swims to sign up for.
Thanks for everyones support. It is very much appreciated.

Edit: Doctor did say no point in getting another Bone Scan done as we can already see the little blackspots on both legs from the scans in August last year.

He also measured around my calves and found that the right one is 1.5 cm smaller in diameter than the left. How is that possible?
While I am out injured I may try and fix that by doing some weights.
Now I know why I swim like a brick. I keep going round in circles. haha.


TA and the Gnome said...

Between swimming and biking for a few months, maybe you should think about tris next summer?

Sorry about the news.


Gronk said...

Thats crap news mate. Real sorry. :(

Bernie G said...

I can only imagine your disappointment. At least we'll have a starter for the 5k Challenges.

Johnny Dark said...

Chin up mate.
You'll still make it to Boston, just a little later than you'd planned.


Spud said...

Bummer mate, sorry to hear your news, keep up the positive attitude, you'll be back stronger for it.

Horrie said...

That's bad news mate. But at least you can continue to work on your swimming and biking. Perhaps you will enter Port Macquarie when you are back running.

Tesso said...

Oh, that is such a bummer :-( I really was hoping that it wouldn't be anywhere near as serious.

Will you be up for the 10k at Canberra? Imagine the cheer squad you'd have. Be a shame to miss the weekend totally.

plu said...

That's bad luck. Just rest as long as you need and try and learn to run slowly like me!


Don Juan said...

Dirty, rotten...

I like the way you've got alternate exercise plans, instead of moping around and a giant dummy spit.

Gnscon said...

What an absolute shit of a thing to happen. Forget what everybody else is saying you're entitled to have a massive dummy spit. That really f'n sucks.

Maybe get an air boot onto it to see if it can speed up recovery. Good luck.

Harvie said...

OUCH! Get better soon.