Sunday, February 26, 2006

Manly 2k Ocean Swim

A very hot day at Manly this morning up to 30 degrees by 10 am.
A big crowd in the water and the beach and then a lot of idiot swimmers mucking up the surfies waves.

This event was also the Aust Ocean Swimming Championships. Apparently it became a 2.2k swim overnight.
The Open swimmers plus under 18's went off first and in a group of at least a 100 about 20 ran south and cruised straight out the rip including Spot Anderson the triathlete. The other 80 proceeded to get hammered by the break until they finally got out. Must be those under 18's. Haha.

As for every other group after that, we all headed straight for the rip. Got out ok and then got hammered by a couple of waves right on the point. Not happy.
Started swimming towards Fairy Bower which was probably about 400m past the first buoy. The pack was swimming towards the right of the two buoys which was the wrong one.
The buoy was past the break and then a quick swim in towards the point about 30m and then catch a wave in to the next buoy.

The problem for most now was that they waited to catch a wave which curls around the point away from the next buoy they have to go around. I saw the buoy so swam across to it.
A lot of the group I was in and many other groups basically never went around this buoy so probably cutting heaps of time and distance off. At least I swam around all the buoys. Doesn't matter. We are not swimming for sheep stations down the back.

We then had to swim into Shelly beach and then turn and head back to Manly. The best part about this section was I spotted some green thing in the water below me. Had a look and I actually swam over two scuba divers. A lot of dive schools use this bay.
Then we headed around the buoy on the point and tried to avoid the surfers and the rip and get back in.

Now home I really do feel absolutely stuffed physically. Especially my shoulders and calves.
I guess that is swimming for you.
All proceeds went to Manly Surf Club so I'm happy. Now off for a beer in front of the cricket.

My collection of swim caps is now red, yellow, dark blue and sky blue.

Edit: I have seen the results and they only had 600, forecast if good weather was 1000. I did have 100 in my group the 35-39 M/F. Which was fun at the start.
All you do when you swim these is just head down and straight for the first buoy and go under or over whatever is in the way. Lots of kicking and hits from arms usually. But thats par for the course anyway. You get used to it.


Tesso said...

Well done Flakey. Gee, that must've been an amazing sight for the scuba divers looking up and seeing so many swimmers!

Hope you enjoyed that beer :-)

Horrie said...

Mate, we might start calling you Dessie soon with all this swimming prowess. Well done mate - that sounds like hard work!

Gronk said...

Well done mate.

I just worked out that 2km is 40 laps of the pool. *eek* Not only that, you did it in the chop. Way to make me feel totally inadequate SF !

KIT said...

Awesome effort Flakey!!! I bet your sholders were sore... hopefully the beer therapy helped- if you could get the can to your mouth :-)

Any black eyes???

Will you be at striders on Saturday??