Sunday, February 05, 2006

Surf Club Swim and Run

The morning started cloudy with a chance of showers around by the look of the cloud cover only to become a hot and humid afternoon with a good wave on.

The swim was nothing to write home about. Just get out there and smash myself around the buoys and back into the beach. Good wave to catch back in to the beach.

The run was tough considering the tide was high so the sand was pretty soft to run on. I started off a handicap of 60 seconds with my closest rival off 65 seconds.
Managed to hold him off until about 200m to go. He had a gap of about 2 metres all the way to the finish. With him finishing 2nd and me 3rd. I was 4 pts ahead in the comp with two rounds to go but now only three.

The next round is in 2 weeks time which I will be missing due to work commitments.
Next Sunday I have the North Bondi Classic 2klm Ocean Swim. Must do some pool swimming this week for practice.


Tesso said...

Well done on the 3rd Flakey. And I guess you saved yourself some $$$ by not having to shout beers :-)

Gronk said...

Now you be careful swimming in the deep blue next week SF. Those pesky sharks had the Cole Classic at Manly cancelled yesterday. Yikes !