Monday, February 06, 2006

Stress Fracture 101

Not yet confirmed, but not looking good.

As many are aware I had a stress fracture of my left anterior tibia bone in July last year. Appears to be fully repaired. Appears that is.

In the last couple of weeks I have been getting pain in my right tibia while running. I never had that with the left it only hurt when I pressed on it.

A dark spot was seen in August on my right leg while having the bone scan done on my left. You have to put both together during the procedure so it showed a dark spot on my right as well.
You would think not running would fix both. Well last week it hurt that much that I decided to see a Doctor about it.

The Doctor has made a referral for an X-Ray(just to make sure) to show the leg specialist who will most likely send me for the Bone Scan on the right leg.

So at the moment I know nothing but I can feel it is the same as the left felt at the time.
At present it is back to swimming and more bike work in the gym.
I knew there was I reason I needed the swimming practice this week, a 2k swim at Bondi.


Tesso said...

Noooooo. No no no no no.

I had no idea. You didn't let on that it hurt that much. Its not fair, you've done everything right.

Fingers crossed its not as bad as last time. Sending lots and lots of good thoughts your way.


Jen_runs said...



Sending good thoughts to your shins :-)

Gronk said...

Bugger. My fingers and toes are crossed for you mate.

Spud said...

Holy crap, I hope it's not mate.
Sending good vibes your way for some good news.

Luckylegs said...

Oh Superflake, how can this be?Will hope & pray that good news is not long away.

Spark Driver said...

Just read about your misfortune on the CR Blogging post. I hope all is well.

miners said...

oh geez mate - of all CRs, you've endured enough injury agony in hte last 18 months to make up for the rest of us.

I sincerely hope it's something trivial that doesn't hold you up for 2006 at all, let alone for 6FT in 2007 (where I hope to be racing beside you the whole way).

All the best mate - I really hope you don't suffer the same fate as last year. Besides which, our PB's are too similar for us not to be racing together this year - I'd hate for us to miss out on that :)

KIT said...

I have crossed everything and sending you lots of good thoughts! That is soooooo frustrating! You have been so sensible. I hope it is only minor!!!

Johnny Dark said...

Hoping for the best possible diagnosis for you Paul.


Don Juan said...

You're still doing all the right things, so the best possible outcome will be yours.

Horrie said...

Gees Flake, have you killed a chinaman or something? How much bad luck can somebody endure? You have been so patient throughout your recovery and it is still no good. Mate, all you can do is be patient and wait for it to heal. Hope it isn't as bad as you think.

Professor said...

Unbelievable mate, unbelievable!! When I said a week ago, ease up or I'd break the other leg, I didn't actually do it mate, really!

Hang in there, Blythe and I are hoping all comes good soon


silverfox said...


All the best for the results - hang in their champ. Maybe we can hook up for some water aerobics! Think positive whatever the outcome and if that happens to be worst case scenario, start by focussing on what you need to do to recover and dont ease up. There are plenty of hurdles in front of our goals, just see them for what they are, opportunities to learn a little more of yourself and to make the realisation of dreams that bit more satisfying. My best wishes.

TA and the Gnome said...

Flake, that's crook news. I'm really sorry for you.

Clairie said...

Nope. My glass is always half full and you are just tired and have sore muscles and maybe a little muscle tear and maybe didn't sleep well on your legs and maybe need new shoes.

Until the xray comes back. There is nothing wrong.

But a bit of TLC and ice wouldn't hurt :)

Big Hugs

Lulu said...

I've just caught up on the news and can't believe your bad luck if it is another stressie.

I will keep everything crossed that it's not. Maybe Silverfox you and I should all do some water running together. At least it wouldn't be boring then. And it's the only time I'd ever be able to keep up with the two of you which would be a novelty!