Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homebush Track 1500m - 5:06= PB

24 degrees, 88% humidity, and slight drizzle.

Just a quiet allcomers track meet out at Homebush. Well it would have been quiet if the noise from Big Day Out wasn't drifting across the track.
It was humid and wet.
They had three races and I was in the 3rd.

Spits for 400m were 1:18(78), 2:40(82), 4:05(85) and the finish at 5:06(61-300m). A bit slack that 3rd lap cost me the sub 5 mins.
Happy with the 3 sec PB and I was 5 secs faster than a couple of weeks ago as well. Looks good for the 5000m next week.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Paul on your PB, looks like the old form is returning ?

Ewen said...

Yes, nice race Paul. That's the only tip I can recall from 1500m racing - go hard in the third lap.