Saturday, January 15, 2011

SOPAC Track 1500m- 5:11

So glad the temp at Homebush peaked at 30 degrees right when my race was on. Damn it was dry and hot on the track.

Have not run a 1500m race for about a year and a half I think and that was after the ITB. I was in the C race with about 20 others including a few Striders and Paul Arthur.

Finished in 5:11(3:27/k pace) just missing the PB from 2007 by 2 seconds. There is another 1500m on the 27th at night thank god so I will have a go then for a sub 5.

Tim I suspect you will win 10 zip against me. If you intend to run London then give me 10 mins at Boston as the race is almost the same day? You should do 2:45 maybe?


Anonymous said...

Behave Flakey, the way your going i can't give you nothing. i am not in for London this year but as an interest i'll give you 5 minutes start on ANY marathon i do this year for a friendly BEER :)

Ewen said...

Yes, good time Paul. Bet you weren't lapped by Paul Arthur. Go for the sub-5. Worth being able to say your 1500 PB is 4-something. Not many runners can say it's 3-something.