Saturday, January 01, 2011

Beyond the Black Stump Fatass 26ks

Off to Berowra early this morning. Just missed the breath test as they were full at Gordon.
Started early at 6am to try and avoid the heat later on today. Forecast was low 30's.

Off in the early morning light and down into the bush I ran off from the 10 other runners through the fog. Mostly to avoid slowing them up on the single track stuff down near the ferry.
Reached the ferry 1st in 54 mins. Much quicker than last time I went early 2 years ago.

Up the hill on the otherside of the ferry and the fog was still hanging around. A few passed me near the top of the hill at Berilee. I followed them and the 5 of us missed the turn down to the castle. I even though we were wrong. So some distance was added on. I then only ran to the gate and decided I had enough as I was up to 90 mins already. Had a drink from Jan's water stop and then ran back down to the ferry.

Saw the 7am starters coming up the hill. Namely Matt Robbie leading Alex Matthews and Brendan Davies off the 1st ferry. A I arrived the 2nd load with about 50 runners unloaded and then the other 50 or so were waiting when I landed at Berowra.

Went off into the bush struggling up the hills with the day getting hotter. The fog had burned off by now. Came across Jan's soft drink esky just before the bush ended and downed a Solo. Magic!
Then ran back the 3ks along the road to the finish.

Total was 26.6ks in 3:00:34. Average pace of 6:47 per klm. Not flash. A good long time on feet run for Boston.
Happy New Year everyone!

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Ewen said...

Sounds like fun Paul. All the best with your Boston campaign. Sub-3 and a PB there would be brilliant.