Sunday, January 09, 2011

Willoughby Winder STaR 21ks

Started at North Willoughby and went through Castle Cove, Middle Cove, Castlecrag and Northbridge and then back to Willoughby.
We all decided to skip ridiculous hill loop in Castlecrag. And I wasn't feeling so flash so cut the run short and headed back after 2hrs.

Worst I have felt during a run in ages. At 6:20am it was 22 degrees, raining and 97% humidity. By the end it was still 23 degrees and 85% humidity and not raining. Very hard conditions to run in with the Hills and 5ks of bush as well.

Total was 21.5ks in 2:00:08. Average pace of 5:35 per klm.


Ewen said...

Hope you're not coming down with something. Take it easy.

Superflake said...

It was just called 97% humidity disease Ewen.