Sunday, April 10, 2005

Canberra Marathon

The Race.
I started off with Blue Dog and Vat_Man who were doing the 50k and wanted to run at 4:30 ks giving a sub 4hr 50k.45mins per 10k. Vat through the day kept reeling off the splits for the dog and I to pick it up if we fell behind. Thanks Vat. We were running through the 10k first loop with a few other striders but the three of us ended up as Horrie said looking like the three amigos on our own until just after the 30k mark.
We became the 4:30 min/klm bus/train with no one onboard. All kitted out in striders singlets and cool runner caps. Great photo ops there) I felt very relaxed running until we reached the 26k? turnaround just before the school.The cheering was way to much for me at that stage and I felt drained and needed to get away as fast as possible. I think all the tension came out in that moment.
We ran together until going out through the tunnel to black mountain when Blue Dog and Vat told me to keep going as they were slowing from the heat.As they say the race starts in the last 10k.Well at the 30k mark I was sitting smack bang on 2:15 split. So thought I could get home with the 3:09(4:30p/k)goal.
I kept pushing on my own until about the 37k mark when a fellow Strider Matt D(MTG group) came up and ran a bit ahead but eventually stayed with me for the full 5.2ks home.We stayed together helping each other remain upright I think mostly me.
Heard many go striders and go cool runners yelled out but have no idea who yelled out. Did remember seeing Clairie a couple of times yelling encouragement. Thank you.

The finish,
Coming up that last straight before you turn the corner was hell for me. It was so long and by that stage I was staggering and wanted to stop.But then I heard Auntie K's cowbell and mentioned to Matt if he had any energy left for a sprint to the finish to do it now. He said no.So I took off and managed a quick 100metre dash for the line. I did manage a very ugly 61min last 12.2ks.
3:16:32 Very happy with that Debut.

The aftermath.
Realising my mistake as I went across the line my head said you idiot and wanted me to faint.Thanks to the finishline helpers who assisted me to the tent for a sit down and a drink. I only needed 5 mins so all ok after that.

Had my parents standing on the Commonwealth Ave loop so they saw me half a dozen times. And by consequence gave Blue Dog and Vat_Man a cheer as well as we ran together for the first 30k +.Thanks Vat and the Dog for the company, being my first marathon I needed it.

Will I do another one? Definitely.
Thanks to Dave and Fran for the organisation of the race. The sachets and little water bottles worked a treat. Hope to be back next year for the big 30th year.


Horrie said...

A fantastic effort on debut Superflake. I wish I could have run my last 12.2km at 5 minute per km pace. It might have felt ugly, but it was a lot better than a lot of others managed in those conditions. To finish only 6 minutes off your target in those conditions on debut was an awesome effort. You will only get better with more experience and will go sub 3 if you keep working away the way you have been. Congratulations mate, well done!

Spud said...

Superflake, I can only wish for a debut marathon in that time, you certainly got some speed happening, sub 3 is only a matter of time. Good catching up with you mate. See you in May at the SMH half.

vat_man said...

Mate - top run, you looked pretty good when you left me at the tunnel. Great debut on a tough day. Once you get through the recovery you'll feel like a million bucks and you'll be a lot stronger for it. Great job!

paulc said...

Great work superflake. Top notch time to boot. :)

Dave said...

Massive run Superflake! On a day where lots struggled your preparation came through and you ran the race like a season veteran.

Do take it easy now, enjoy the nachos and burritos with the mexicans and I look forward to seeing you in Sydney town for the SMH half.

Clairie said...

Superflake what a great run! Everytime I saw you I kept telling people "I know that man" I was so proud!

Got some great photos so keep checking. Once they all get there you will see a few of you and the other 'amigos'.

Enjoy this week and don't go overboard. I want to keep cheering for you in future marathons. Sorry I didn't stop and chat much to you on Sat, I was so nervous and then so sick... but it really was good to see a familiar face among all the new crs. :)

Again, well done. I am sure your parents are just bursting with pride.

Carolyne said...

You're a star Superflake! Not only an awesome runner, you are a nice bloke to boot!

May the training and weather gods look kindly on you in Melbourne so you can pull out a good half in Sydney.

Superflake said...

Thank you all for your comments. I am stunned by all your good wishes. I hope to get better as a runner and getting the first marathon out of the way helps a lot. Thank you.