Thursday, April 07, 2005

Rest Day

New Cool Running Cap arrived today. Thanks Kev.
First Marathon needs a new cap. Must mark my name on the back.

Bought some new sunglasses to run in.
They don't touch my forehead or cheekbones so the sweat won't fog them up.
Good for running.

Felt tired at work today, even though I am carb loading and drinking water like a fish.
Hopefully this will pass by Sunday.

Flying out Saturday morning for the big show. Yeehah!


Horrie said...

Good luck in your Marathon debut Paul. Hope it turns out the way you are hoping. You have trained the house down and are primed. See you in Canberra. It'll be so great to see that smile again.

Spud said...

Have a great run on Sunday Superflake, you've done the training, now enjoy the moment.