Sunday, April 24, 2005

Lest We Forget Melbourne 8ks

The race was held as part of the Anzac Day Commemorations.
The melbourne race was the 4th time it had been held.

The race was 8ks the distance the Poms told the Anzacs they had to capture when they landed in Turkey in 1915 on the first day. If they had landed at the right beach may have been done.
Where was the compass back then?

It was held in Melbourne's Botanical Gardens around the Tan track with a little loop up Government House drive each lap to make the 8ks.

Race start was at 9am with a national start of the 20 races around the country broadcast on ABC radio over loud speaker.

Warm weather start and a strong wind blowing.
Didn't look at my watch at all until the end as I didn't feel fast during the race.

Finished with a time of 33:36 on my watch.
Was hoping to get under 32 today, but am not as fast as I was before Canberra.
Have to get some speed back as I have a 10k in 2 weeks and then the SMH Half in 4 weeks.

Male winner did 27:##.
Female winner did 30:19. Was a 3rd place in under 15 world juniors 1500m one year from Switzerland.


Horrie said...

Your loss of speed is only temporary. Once your legs freshen up, you'll be back going sub 40 again. I will see you at North Head but won't try to keep up with you.

Eddie said...

33:36 is still pretty good Superflake. Though it always disappointing when we don't do as well as we would have hoped. 2 weeks out from are doing OK.