Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Easy 10ks

Ran 10.76ks in 50:29. Average pace of 4:41sec per klm.

Ran the last 2.5 ks at 4:15 pace. Marathon Pace.

Felt like crap for the first 2 ks but then began to feel more relaxed and ran better.


Bennyr said...

Good luck in your first marathon, Paul. I hope you achieve your 3 hour goal.

Carolyne said...

I'm awed by your speed SuperFlake, especially on such a short base. I hope that you achieve your goal, although completing a marathon within your first year is enough, without the goal of a sub-3 hour debut.

Good luck for Sunday!

a.k.a. Flash

Superflake said...

Thank you for your comments. I was trying to do the sub 3hr. I recently ran a half 3 weeks ago just under 90mins and felt good doing it. But I want to be strong at the end so aim to get to about 2:10 at 30k and then push hard home.