Sunday, March 20, 2011

Manly Dam 30ks

Woke up early and had every intention of doing the Striders North Ryde Ramble. But when it is bucketing down over the top of the gutters the extra sleep feels a lot better than running in the pouring rain. Also I wasn't sure that running running down a creek bed from Beecroft back to Marsfield in a downpour was a good idea. Couldn't find my floaties.

Set off about 4pm and had intended to do the Striders North Head STaR until running into miss Lucy who convinced me flatter would be better. So instead ran along Manly Beach through Queenscliff, Manly and Warringah golf courses to Manly Dam.

Did a couple of loops around the Dam roads and ran back to Manly again. Realised I was a bit short in ks so did a run around the Eastern Hill and little Manly Cove and back home.

All up 30.26ks in 2:23:41. Average pace of 4:44 per klm. Hard work when it was 23 degrees, 70% humidity, winds of 40ks and gusts up to 50ks.


Tom said...

Mate, you love hamming up the weather conditions! I was out at exactly the same time in the same area and it was perfect for running!

Tim said...

I've given up watching the telly for the weather report - I just log on to Flakey's Meteorologists Report, its priceless :)
I'm sure he was seen running with his barometer sticking out of his singlet around Manly yesterday.
Good work Flakey.
Any early indication for Lane Cove forecast yet?

Ewen said...

It was perfect down here too. And no humidity ;)