Thursday, March 17, 2011

Easy 11ks

Ran along Manly beach up to Queenscliff Lagoon and around the Golf course and back home.
23 degrees and 83% humidity wasn't good. At least the wind was blowing a bit.

11ks in 51:15. Average pace of 4:39/k.


Eagle said...

All looking good. I like the quality of the Tuesday reps. Gone are the days when I could do 3k in under 12 minutes - you move away from that gradually and then look back in horror and realise how far the goal posts have moved. Enjoy the speed while you have it.

Tim said...

Well done Flakey, looks like you are training well and that the old 'Head to Head' could be close on the dreaded hills of Lane Cove in a fortnights time?