Saturday, March 10, 2012

North Head Trail Run 9ks

Who would think that North Head would have trails???? But it does. One starts from near Shelley beach car park and goes behind the houses up to the artillery school. Then through there and up to the Cafe near the North Head road loop. About 8ks up and back on the actual trails with plenty of stairs unfortunately and lots of water around.

I found a lake/swamp below the artillery school as well on the eastern side of the head. Amazing views and was good fun for an afternoon run in the sun.

Total was 9ks in 45:47.


Hamburglar said...

C'mon flake. You are a local. There are lots of trails up there. I will have to show you some secret ones as well. *shakes head*

Ewen said...

Ran on those trails once years ago. Some great harbour views to be had.