Monday, March 19, 2012

Recovery run 6ks

Wet and windy tonight. A very soft run along Manly beach on the grass up to Keirle park and back. Mostly only drizzled but it was enough to get me wet.
Total was 6.58ks in 36:09. Average pace of 5:29 per klm.

I feel like Thorpie Ewen. A few months off being fit enough to race a Marathon(200m swim).


Ewen said...

Yeah, but at least you have the Gold Coast, or Sydney... plenty of time.

I have a theory about Thorpie - he wanted to come back as a sprinter (200m swimmer) and didn't swim the volume he did when younger. Back then he had the aerobic base to be good at 400/200, now he doesn't. He's not a natural 100 swimmer so doesn't have the speed to be a 100/200 swimmer.

Superflake said...

I thought with his arm reach he should have gone out to the 1500m.

plu said...

Perfect length. cheers Plu