Sunday, April 09, 2006

Barrenjoey Cup-Soft Sand Race

Up to my surf club this morning for what is our Marathon Run.
It is only in the sense of that we usually only do about a 750m sprint as a normal run every sunday.
It basically is running from our surf club on the hard sand to the end of the beach and back.
As I have not run anything over 3 mins in the last 2 months I was not expecting anything decent.

I just settled into a comfortable pace that my lungs would allow and finished in 10th spot out of about 60. I timed it as 19 mins so I guess it may be 4ks as we don't wear shoes.
Here is the map of the route:

Longest run in time since early Feb so quite happy anyway.


Jen_runs said...

Well done Flakey. Glad I wasn't the only one stuck in Sydney this weekend ;-)

2P said...

Good to see you giving the hooves a workout SF - back on the road in no time ;-)

miners said...

Great to see you could sustain running for that distance flake. Hopefully won't be too long before you're back

Horrie said...

Glad you were doing a run on the beach and not doing an ocean swim Flake. Those waves in Sydney looked pretty awesome.

Don Juan said...

That's a good workout on sand.
Looks promising for the comeback to the hard stuff.

silverfox said...

all sounds positive Flake, great effort. You are a lunatic bodysurfing last sunday though, that just sounds like a free chopper ride to RNS to me!