Sunday, April 16, 2006

A run in the park

Into Centennial Park this morning with my legs feeling beaten up after standing drinking at the races for 7 hours yesterday.

I did a walk 3 mins, Run 5 mins schedule around the outside fence of the park.

Ran into Fake Plastic Trees, morning Rob, when I was almost finished.

Actually I was finished then I just forgot I was stopping at 48mins.
Ended up doing 6.93ks in 48:41.
Not too bad considering the feeling in my legs.

Heaps of people in the park this morning. Very busy.


Ellie80 said...

think i might have to head to the park a bit later so i can check out all the coolrunners! such a great day for it!

KIT said...

Hey... what time where you there??? I was out and about 7:30am.

I like your races... I will be at some of those too! The novice run is a great one... fast and accurate!

2P said...

Glad it was just your legs feeling ordinary after 7 hours of drinking!

Tesso said...

Hope you had a couple of bucks on Gallant Tess in the first.