Friday, April 14, 2006

I can jump puddles

A sleep in compared to a work day. I was up at 7am and decided a run in Centennial Park was needed to start the day off.
Started with 3 mins walk which is about the distance I live from one of the gates of the park, so it is easier to do the walk bit first.
Then it was run for 4 mins and keep going until I got to 42mins or 6 repeats of the session.

It was a fantastic morning with heaps of people out riding, running, walking dogs etc. There was even water from the showers yesterday in some of the hidden creeks in the park meaning I was doing a steeplechase run in some parts.
Didn't see any CR's today.

Ended up covering 5.75ks in the 42 minutes. The run part is not that fast really only a jog.
Next one will most likely be Sunday. As I am at Derby Day races on Saturday.


2P said...

You can jump puddles but how's your left foot ;-) (with apologies to Christy Brown and Alan Marshall).

It's all good stuff SF - look forward to reading about Sunday's jaunt.

Tesso said...

Glad you are easing back into it Flakey. So how's the stressie holding up? How do you know how much to do or when to back off?

Don Juan said...

Good stuff and self discipline.
Hope to see you out there in the Park real soon.