Saturday, April 29, 2006

Novice Cross Country 10k

My first race since January and my first 10k since October last year.
The race was held at Scarborough Park at Ramsgate and had an Invitation 2k,4k and 10k before the Womens Novice 4k and the Mens Novice 10k. Novice for us non state medallists and the invitation for former state medallists and any others that want to run it.

I wasn't expecting much considering training has only just recommenced. I was looking at 50/55mins for me.
Settled into an easy pace and just cruised around the course and was passed by about half a dozen runners who were on the same lap.
Managed to finish the 2nd loop before the lead runner came through to lap me along with 20 others. It was 2x3k loops and then 2x2k loops.

Walked through the drink station both times as I needed a break anyway and I can't swallow out of a cup while running.
Plenty of Striders out running today in all the events.
With Lucy Chapman getting a third in the 10k Invitation race and Jenny Truscott a third in the 4k Invitation. And Glenn Guzzo a 2nd in the Mens 10k Invitation behind Andrew Knox.

I had a sprint finish to beat a Girraween runner and finished in 45:21. Very happy with that as I didn't feel rushed to run that pace. Leg feels a bit sore at the moment, but that could be the muscles as well not being used to the pace.

I also now have a bet with Blue Dog for the SMH Half, details to be thrashed out beforehand.


Don Juan said...

Good run with the minimal breaks, and good finish time. Good luck with the leg tomorrow morning.

Looking forward to the SMH 1/2 bet details with Blue Dog.

2P said...

LOL is the bet with Blue Dog for a sheep station?

Good to see you racing SF.

2P said...

LOL is the bet with Blue Dog for a sheep station?

Good to see you racing SF.

Gronk said...

Good to have you back mate. :)

KIT said...

Maby no training pays off ;-) Great effort for your first run back... hopefully the les feel ok today!

Horrie said...

Great run yesterday Flake. 45:21 for your first 10km back on minimal training was a fantastic effort. Now to make sure you stay in one piece. If you are able to do that, you will be back to where you were in no time at all.

Don Juan said...

I saw a Novice 10K race photo of you in full flight on the St George club website.
Sorry, forgot to save a copy for emailing.

Eddie said...

What a great re-entry Super. You must be pleased to be back in the race. All the best for your SMH campaign.

Dave said...

Good to see you back 'flake!

Watch out for the dogs mum, I hear she still reads your blog :)

Ewen said...

Bloody good SF! Glad you won the sprint - those Girraween athletes are pretty cocky.

Tesso said...

Congrats Flakey, what a great comeback race. You give other injured soles like myself such hope.

Looking forward to hearing about the bet with Blue Dog.

Spud said...

Nice return to the traps SP. A few of us will be chasing you before long. Good to see you back after recent times.