Monday, April 17, 2006

A run in the park-what else

Every man and his dog and cat was in the Centennial Park this afternoon.
Surely we all don't live in units in this city?

A very stiff northerly breeze was blowing and it felt quite hot in the sun. Only 23 degrees but it felt warmer.
I did a walk 3 mins, Run 6 mins program and continued until I got to 45 mins and then stopped.
Did 6.84klms in that time just running around the outside fence of the park. Grass, dirt and sand, plus the obligatory dodging of tree roots.

For Tesso I just made up the time I felt I could handle without it being too much on the leg. Around 40mins seemed to be ok.
And no I had not got to the races in time to back Gallant Tess in the 1st, but I did back the AJC Derby winner Head Turner. Seemed to some up my day on Saturday.

Managed to pick up a copy of "The new york road runners club 'Complete book of running and fitness'. It was marked down from $29.95 to $12.95. Printed 1999 so should have some good stuff in it.


Horrie said...

I was also at Centennial Park today Flake. Nice day for it, although I had to dodge a lot of walkers and kids on bikes as I stuck to the walking path.

Don Juan said...

A day at the races is no easy jog in the park, harder work.

Good to see the comeback is on track.