Saturday, April 01, 2006

Striders Domain 10k race

Just helping out with Marshalling for the club.
Got to stand on Mrs Macquaries Pt to direct runners down the hill into farm cove back to the start again. Great view of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Ft Denison as the sun came up.

Foot was very sore standing on it for an hour waving runners past.
Dr's Gronk and Horrie, after the race diagnosed my sore toe as being the tendon that runs along the top of it. Hopefully correct. Hope it won't take too long to fix itself.

Can't wait to get back running again. Hate this waiting game.


RoyalKangas said...

Aww, the toe injury sucks...something so little can be so annoying. Hope it doesn't take too long..and go on you for marshalling...I wish it was easier to get out volunteers

KIT said...

I kept an eye out to say Hi this morning... but missed you! Hope the toe gets better quick!

Ewen said...

A couple of very experienced doctors there.

Don Juan said...

What Gronk and Horrie don't know about anatomy isn't worth knowing.

Hope to see you out there next month at North Head 10km.