Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A visit to the Doctor

Decided to see a Doctor about my left foot.
Turns out the Doctor thinks it is just a stretched tendon and should eventually heal itself.
But I can help it by using RICE. Funny because she was chinese. haha.

I have been doing that everyday since it happened. Seems to have improved a bit, but has not had the great leap forward that I hoped for.

I am still hoping to a race at my Surf Club this weekend on the sand.
We run the race on the hard/wet sand close to the waters edge so very easy on the calves and feet. I'll see how I go. Would much rather be running Canberra Marathon.

As for Don Juan: Yes I will be at North Head racing. As by then the Stress Fracture should be fully healed.


Tesso said...

S'pose its better to have this injury at the same time as the stressie than after it heals.

Take care. We're gonna miss u in Canberra.

Ewen said...

So, did she mean 'ice' or 'rice'?

2P said...

Could be a book in it... nah "My Left Foot" has already been done ;-)

Clairie said...

That got a chuckle out of me. Thanks Superflake. You will be missed as Tesso says :)

Horrie said...

Mate, I hope it comes good so you can be back out there racing again. I know how much you love it. It would be great if you can make North Head in May. Watch out for Batfink!

miners said...

keep taking it easy though mate - don't want any repeats of 2005! Shame you couldn't get down to Canberra though.

Thanks heaps for your support in the lead-up and wash-up to IMOZ mate. Timmy Prowse in fact still enters himself as a Port Mac local although he's doing all his training down there with the illustrious flake. He moved away from here before I moved back though. Absolutely sensational race from him - and some serious pressure for him to turn pro

Anonymous said...

Get the foot taped flake. especially if you plan to sand run. You may be exacerbating the problem.