Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Playing spot the Cool Runner

As there is a big footy match on this afternoon,Collingwood vs Essendon at the G', I ran early this morning into Centennial Park.
It was nice and cool this morning but became a bit humid when the sun came up and then settled down and I had to run in a shower back home. Wasn't too heavy so not worried.

I was doing Walk 3 mins, Run 15 mins around the outside fence on the dirt/grass trails.
Did that 4 times for a 72 minute total and then stopped. Covered 12.18ks, so must have been running a bit faster this morning. Bit of pain in the legs as the muscles are trying to get used to this running caper again.

Had a chat with Don Juan during the run after he had finished his training with Long Arms group. Doing 1600m reps around an oval.
On the first lap round saw Don Juan, Vat, Amjan, Fats, Kit, Royworlds and Bernie G doing the squad training. I know I'm cheating I knew they would be there.


Jen_runs said...

No points for those sightings I'm afraid ;-)

KIT said...

You are the Ghost that runs! I missed you again :-)

Don Juan said...

That's a good session. You were looking pretty fresh when I saw you.

Amanda said...

Why didn't you come and say hello?