Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Moonlight Drive

Ok so I wasn't out driving. I was out running by the light of the full moon.
It was so easy to see the ground running in Centennial Park tonight that I didn't really need the street lights.

Any way I did a walk for 3 minutes and then run for 2 minutes thing. Finished when I reached 40 minutes as I really don't want to hurt the 'leg'.
Ended up covering 5.15ks in the 40 minutes. Woohoo. I used to run 10ks in less than that.

Temp was a very warm 25 degrees when I started. Singlet and shorts only for me.

Easter is coming so there could be a lot more drinking than running done. Especially Derby Day at Randwick races on Saturday. Love running with the fillies!


2P said...

Nice one SF - the way it is starting to shape up it wont be that long before you are back to sub 40 10'ks too ;-)

Luckylegs said...

So that's what you'd call a speed session, Superflake? Running with the fillies!

I can vouch for the success of following a run/walk program...didn't do me any hard during the Canberra 50km; stay with it till all is well again!