Sunday, April 23, 2006

A dog day morning

Got into Centennial Park about 8 am this morning and it was a bit chilly in the shade. But I always wear the shorts and singlet so it didn't worry me.
Ran around the outside fence but on the grass trail.
Was passed by Mohammad, Bright Shoes and Royworlds doing Squad training with Long Arms group.

Down near Queens Park there would have been about 5/6 groups of people having dog training.
Fido Sit, Fido Stay, Fido don't chase cars. It seriously is the fault of the owners who buy those 100m stretch cables they call a dog lead. How can you train the dog properly when it can go wherever it wants. And annoying the hell out of everyone else trying to jump over the stupid cable. Enough rant!

The plan was to Walk 3 minutes, Run 12 Minutes, etc.
Did that for 75 mins in total covering 11.95ks in the process.
Legs felt ok, with the rest of the body just feeling tired and slow.

Back to watch the Paris-Roubaix cycle classic on SBS. Nice fall by George Hincapie 30ks from the finish as the handle bars snapped and he went over the front of the bike. At least he landed mostly on grass and not the cobblestones in the area at the time. Bring on le Tour.


Horrie said...

It's good to see you now running up to 75 minutes. The comeback seems to be going to plan. I'm looking forward to you being able to run without walking. Then I can hook up with you and do a bit of training together.

KIT said...

Gosh you are simmering along nicely!!! Will not be ong and you will be full steam ahead :-) It would have been perfect in the park this morning!!!

Tesso said...

Up to 12 minutes at a time now, that's fantastic. So when does this pgm stop and a 'normal' run pgm kick in?

Superflake said...

Tesso I'm making it up myself depending on how I feel.But really I can't see anything wrong with running for 60mins and then walking for 5mins. We do that anyway when we stop for a drink as I never carry water.

Ewen said...

I only caught the end of that - you'd need a new bike after those cobblestones.

I always thought 'dog day' was hot and humid. Do dogs like that sort of weather?!