Friday, April 14, 2006

Comeback Race Schedule

These races are all dependant on the stress fracture behaving itself. You will note that half are run on grass.

April 29th: Athletics NSW Novice 10k Cross Crountry at Ramsgate
May 6th: NSW Road Championships 10k at Holsworthy
May 21st: SMH Half Marathon in the city

June 3rd: NSW Cross Country Relay Championships at Ramsgate(if club needs me 4 person x 4k)
June 17th: NSW Cross Country Championships 12k at Nowra
June 25th: Kembla Joggers Half Marathon at Dapto

Half of them off road so hopefully won't lead to the same problems as last winter. The stress fracture.
I have registered for the Winter season with Athletics NSW(awaiting confirmation of this) so I can do the four state events for the Striders. Plus the SMH Half has points for the club as well.
Not that I will be much help in the point scoring. Maybe 35+ has slow people?

With my long runs on a Sunday I will most likely stick to the grass in Centennial Park instead of doing the Striders STaRs on the road. Help the stressie that way.

Edit: After Horries comment I have had a rethink of what I was doing. No have not seen Doctor as yet but will be in the next 2 weeks.


Horrie said...

That's a very heavy schedule for the next 2 months Flake. I hope the leg holds up to the demands of racing every weekend. Have you consulted any health professionals in putting this schedule together?

2P said...

Good to see you're taking it easy on your comeback..... only racing every weekend ;-)

RoyalKangas said...

Oh wow, that's great! I think it's really important to commit to races down the road. I told my Mom yesterday to confer with my aunt to pick one of the two race weekends where my aunt lives and I will come down and run the half marathon, of maybe even by that time, the marathon.

Horrie said...

The new schedule looks a lot better but I would check with a health specialist before going too hard. We want you to stay running after your comeback.

Luckylegs said...

Have to agree with Horrie! I thought: What! Is he serious doing all that running having just recovered from a stress fracture??
Be careful, Superflake, or you won't be running when you get to your 70's!!

Don Juan said...

Good to have a few goals. Most people play the racing calendar by ear, week to week. good luck.

R2B said...

Good luck with the recovery Superflake.
Maybe you will return for the Kj's half again this year?

Cheers R2B

Dave said...

Good to see the positive thinking flake! As everyone else has said, just be careful....

Of course the 35+ has slower people in it, I'll be there :)