Saturday, April 29, 2006

Novice Cross Country 10k

My first race since January and my first 10k since October last year.
The race was held at Scarborough Park at Ramsgate and had an Invitation 2k,4k and 10k before the Womens Novice 4k and the Mens Novice 10k. Novice for us non state medallists and the invitation for former state medallists and any others that want to run it.

I wasn't expecting much considering training has only just recommenced. I was looking at 50/55mins for me.
Settled into an easy pace and just cruised around the course and was passed by about half a dozen runners who were on the same lap.
Managed to finish the 2nd loop before the lead runner came through to lap me along with 20 others. It was 2x3k loops and then 2x2k loops.

Walked through the drink station both times as I needed a break anyway and I can't swallow out of a cup while running.
Plenty of Striders out running today in all the events.
With Lucy Chapman getting a third in the 10k Invitation race and Jenny Truscott a third in the 4k Invitation. And Glenn Guzzo a 2nd in the Mens 10k Invitation behind Andrew Knox.

I had a sprint finish to beat a Girraween runner and finished in 45:21. Very happy with that as I didn't feel rushed to run that pace. Leg feels a bit sore at the moment, but that could be the muscles as well not being used to the pace.

I also now have a bet with Blue Dog for the SMH Half, details to be thrashed out beforehand.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Splendour in the grass

Not a rock festival just a run around Centennial Park tonight.

Plan was to Walk 3 mins, Run 20 mins etc,etc....
Ran into Centennial Park down to Queens Park, up to Oxford St, down to Fox Studios and then along Anzac Pde and back again. All on the grass, too easy.

Covered 11.81 klms in the 69 minutes.
Legs felt ok, just didn't feel like I was running fast. And right now I'm not.
Just running on feel and will gradually build up the time and length of runs to do ok at the SMH Half.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Playing spot the Cool Runner

As there is a big footy match on this afternoon,Collingwood vs Essendon at the G', I ran early this morning into Centennial Park.
It was nice and cool this morning but became a bit humid when the sun came up and then settled down and I had to run in a shower back home. Wasn't too heavy so not worried.

I was doing Walk 3 mins, Run 15 mins around the outside fence on the dirt/grass trails.
Did that 4 times for a 72 minute total and then stopped. Covered 12.18ks, so must have been running a bit faster this morning. Bit of pain in the legs as the muscles are trying to get used to this running caper again.

Had a chat with Don Juan during the run after he had finished his training with Long Arms group. Doing 1600m reps around an oval.
On the first lap round saw Don Juan, Vat, Amjan, Fats, Kit, Royworlds and Bernie G doing the squad training. I know I'm cheating I knew they would be there.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

A dog day morning

Got into Centennial Park about 8 am this morning and it was a bit chilly in the shade. But I always wear the shorts and singlet so it didn't worry me.
Ran around the outside fence but on the grass trail.
Was passed by Mohammad, Bright Shoes and Royworlds doing Squad training with Long Arms group.

Down near Queens Park there would have been about 5/6 groups of people having dog training.
Fido Sit, Fido Stay, Fido don't chase cars. It seriously is the fault of the owners who buy those 100m stretch cables they call a dog lead. How can you train the dog properly when it can go wherever it wants. And annoying the hell out of everyone else trying to jump over the stupid cable. Enough rant!

The plan was to Walk 3 minutes, Run 12 Minutes, etc.
Did that for 75 mins in total covering 11.95ks in the process.
Legs felt ok, with the rest of the body just feeling tired and slow.

Back to watch the Paris-Roubaix cycle classic on SBS. Nice fall by George Hincapie 30ks from the finish as the handle bars snapped and he went over the front of the bike. At least he landed mostly on grass and not the cobblestones in the area at the time. Bring on le Tour.

Friday, April 21, 2006

A 10 minute Run! Yeehah

Ok nothing much really.

Stepped outside about 7pm to go for a run. A moonless night meant the park was pretty dark and a cool southerly breeze had come through. So what was I wearing Shorts and Singlet of course.
Batfink and Eft-Pos were making heaps of noise in the park trees above my head.

Schedule was Walk 3 mins and then Run 10 mins, etc,etc...
Stopped at 52 minutes as I felt tired from a long day at work. And it is Friday night!

Managed to get through 8.15ks in the 52 minutes. Next Run maybe Sunday morning in Centennial Park.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Claret was flowing tonight

Unfortunately not a good red it was the blood after a 100 year old Moreton Bay fig tree root leapt out at me in the dark of Centennial Park and I went over on me knee and arm.

Anyway I was doing a Walk 3 mins Run 7 mins program tonight. And yes I did fall over while running not while walking.
I ran around the outside fence of the park but on the grass inside the fence with a bit up on Oxford St as well as it does get a bit too dark to see in places.

Ended up doing 7.51ks in the 50 minutes.

My numbers as a NSW Registered Athlete also arrived. So the Striders will at least get a point for me for the Winter Premiership when I do an event.

Monday, April 17, 2006

A run in the park-what else

Every man and his dog and cat was in the Centennial Park this afternoon.
Surely we all don't live in units in this city?

A very stiff northerly breeze was blowing and it felt quite hot in the sun. Only 23 degrees but it felt warmer.
I did a walk 3 mins, Run 6 mins program and continued until I got to 45 mins and then stopped.
Did 6.84klms in that time just running around the outside fence of the park. Grass, dirt and sand, plus the obligatory dodging of tree roots.

For Tesso I just made up the time I felt I could handle without it being too much on the leg. Around 40mins seemed to be ok.
And no I had not got to the races in time to back Gallant Tess in the 1st, but I did back the AJC Derby winner Head Turner. Seemed to some up my day on Saturday.

Managed to pick up a copy of "The new york road runners club 'Complete book of running and fitness'. It was marked down from $29.95 to $12.95. Printed 1999 so should have some good stuff in it.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

A run in the park

Into Centennial Park this morning with my legs feeling beaten up after standing drinking at the races for 7 hours yesterday.

I did a walk 3 mins, Run 5 mins schedule around the outside fence of the park.

Ran into Fake Plastic Trees, morning Rob, when I was almost finished.

Actually I was finished then I just forgot I was stopping at 48mins.
Ended up doing 6.93ks in 48:41.
Not too bad considering the feeling in my legs.

Heaps of people in the park this morning. Very busy.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Comeback Race Schedule

These races are all dependant on the stress fracture behaving itself. You will note that half are run on grass.

April 29th: Athletics NSW Novice 10k Cross Crountry at Ramsgate
May 6th: NSW Road Championships 10k at Holsworthy
May 21st: SMH Half Marathon in the city

June 3rd: NSW Cross Country Relay Championships at Ramsgate(if club needs me 4 person x 4k)
June 17th: NSW Cross Country Championships 12k at Nowra
June 25th: Kembla Joggers Half Marathon at Dapto

Half of them off road so hopefully won't lead to the same problems as last winter. The stress fracture.
I have registered for the Winter season with Athletics NSW(awaiting confirmation of this) so I can do the four state events for the Striders. Plus the SMH Half has points for the club as well.
Not that I will be much help in the point scoring. Maybe 35+ has slow people?

With my long runs on a Sunday I will most likely stick to the grass in Centennial Park instead of doing the Striders STaRs on the road. Help the stressie that way.

Edit: After Horries comment I have had a rethink of what I was doing. No have not seen Doctor as yet but will be in the next 2 weeks.

I can jump puddles

A sleep in compared to a work day. I was up at 7am and decided a run in Centennial Park was needed to start the day off.
Started with 3 mins walk which is about the distance I live from one of the gates of the park, so it is easier to do the walk bit first.
Then it was run for 4 mins and keep going until I got to 42mins or 6 repeats of the session.

It was a fantastic morning with heaps of people out riding, running, walking dogs etc. There was even water from the showers yesterday in some of the hidden creeks in the park meaning I was doing a steeplechase run in some parts.
Didn't see any CR's today.

Ended up covering 5.75ks in the 42 minutes. The run part is not that fast really only a jog.
Next one will most likely be Sunday. As I am at Derby Day races on Saturday.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Moonlight Drive

Ok so I wasn't out driving. I was out running by the light of the full moon.
It was so easy to see the ground running in Centennial Park tonight that I didn't really need the street lights.

Any way I did a walk for 3 minutes and then run for 2 minutes thing. Finished when I reached 40 minutes as I really don't want to hurt the 'leg'.
Ended up covering 5.15ks in the 40 minutes. Woohoo. I used to run 10ks in less than that.

Temp was a very warm 25 degrees when I started. Singlet and shorts only for me.

Easter is coming so there could be a lot more drinking than running done. Especially Derby Day at Randwick races on Saturday. Love running with the fillies!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Barrenjoey Cup-Soft Sand Race

Up to my surf club this morning for what is our Marathon Run.
It is only in the sense of that we usually only do about a 750m sprint as a normal run every sunday.
It basically is running from our surf club on the hard sand to the end of the beach and back.
As I have not run anything over 3 mins in the last 2 months I was not expecting anything decent.

I just settled into a comfortable pace that my lungs would allow and finished in 10th spot out of about 60. I timed it as 19 mins so I guess it may be 4ks as we don't wear shoes.
Here is the map of the route:

Longest run in time since early Feb so quite happy anyway.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A visit to the Doctor

Decided to see a Doctor about my left foot.
Turns out the Doctor thinks it is just a stretched tendon and should eventually heal itself.
But I can help it by using RICE. Funny because she was chinese. haha.

I have been doing that everyday since it happened. Seems to have improved a bit, but has not had the great leap forward that I hoped for.

I am still hoping to a race at my Surf Club this weekend on the sand.
We run the race on the hard/wet sand close to the waters edge so very easy on the calves and feet. I'll see how I go. Would much rather be running Canberra Marathon.

As for Don Juan: Yes I will be at North Head racing. As by then the Stress Fracture should be fully healed.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Striders Domain 10k race

Just helping out with Marshalling for the club.
Got to stand on Mrs Macquaries Pt to direct runners down the hill into farm cove back to the start again. Great view of the Opera House, Harbour Bridge and Ft Denison as the sun came up.

Foot was very sore standing on it for an hour waving runners past.
Dr's Gronk and Horrie, after the race diagnosed my sore toe as being the tendon that runs along the top of it. Hopefully correct. Hope it won't take too long to fix itself.

Can't wait to get back running again. Hate this waiting game.