Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vaucluse Variation STaR 23ks

Now starting in Rose Bay after a resident complained that we made too much noise starting in a park near her house in Vaucluse. But she does complain about the harbour being too noisy as well so what do you expect.
Started at Rosebay and goes through Point Piper, Double Bay, Edgecliff, Woollahra, Bondi, Waverley, Bronte, Glamarama, Bondi Beach, North Bondi, Dover Heights, and back through Vaucluse to finish in Rose Bay. Very scenic run for views and people but heaps of stairs up and down and many hills.
Cut the run short near Macquarie Lighthouse and finished with 23.5k in 1:56.22. Average pace of 4:57 per klm. Legs are buggered from the stairs.
Now for some chocolate!

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Anonymous said...

23 kilometres, that is a very long way to run Pau, but you always did like to be pushed.

Nigel and I were a tad miffed when you up and left the Eastern Suburbs without so much as a toodle-loo but we will still root hard for you whenever you are in a race.

We know what you mean about being buggered after all those stairs! Poor Nigel walked part of that course only recently and came back well and truly buggered! He too said there was a lot of up and down!

So we sympathise with you when you say your legs hurt like buggery because nothing hurts like buggery.

Run strong!

Regards from Nigel and Bruce.