Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Manly Beach 5x1k

A bit hard running in the Nor Easter blowing off the beach tonight. Did a 2k warmup down to the start in front of Manly Surf Club. Then did the reps up past Nth Steyne Surf Club.
Reps were tragic.

3:59, 3:50, 3:57, 3:55, 3:55. All done with a 2 min walk recovery. I suck!

Did a 2k cool down back home.


Anonymous said...

Ah cheer up Flakie!

You are way too hard on yourself.

You don't suck.

It's only your running that sucks!

Luv, Blue Dog's Mum.

Ewen said...

Yes - you're almost as bad as Nigel and Bruce ;)

But maybe you're stringing us along and that was just an easy marathon-pace session.