Sunday, April 05, 2009

Manly to Dee Why and back 19k

Hard run this morning as I slept in so didn't get out till 9am.
Couldn't believe how many people were out at Manly on a sunday morning and all getting in my way along the ocean front.
Decided to run to Dee Why Surf Club and back. Not far enough but there are a few hills to go over to get there from Manly, and consequently on the way back as well.

Total was 19.5ks in 1:33.27. Average pace of 4:47 per klm. Hot this morning, got sunburnt on the head as I didn't wear a cap. Naughty boy!
Used to live in Manly many moons ago. Last time was 2001.


Hamburglar said...

You a Manly boy now flakey?

We'll have to catch up for a run!

Tom said...

Is this true? Has someone else seen the light?

Rob said...

4:47 is a nice average over hills Flakey. Fancy not starting until 9:00 am and no sunscreen! Shame!

Ewen said...

Go the Sea Eagles!

Take a trot up to Palm Beach one day (30k) and get the bus back :)