Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aths NSW Novice 10k

Held at Scarborough Park at Ramsgate this afternoon. Females do a seperate 4k race before us and we do a 10k. 2x3k loops and 2x2k loops to finish.
Sandy, grassy and hot today. 28 degrees and 25k winds, not good for running in.

Finished in 40:42 according to me but in 40:19 according to Aths NSW website. I think they missed a runner in their count as Blue Dog not far ahead was on the time below his real time as well.
Maybe they will fix it?

Anyway my PB for this race was in 2007 in 39:42 so a bit away from that.

Striders A team came first. I wasn't in it.

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Ewen said...

That's not far off the course PB. It's funny about the novice rules. Think I'll still be a novice when I hang up the shoes at age 90.

Good luck in the State. Worth a few easy days prior to that one.