Sunday, April 04, 2010

Berowra Big Dipper STaR 25ks

Took the long drive up to Berowra this morning. Not many around at all for the STaR, maybe 20 people in total. Must have been Easter Sunday!

The huge 6:20 group of Shaun A and myself ran around for the local streets of Berowra before entering the bush after about 7ks. Then ran down to the Berowra ferry.
From there it was 4ks up the road back to near the start again.

From then we ran away from the start and down Turner Rd into the bush for a k before deciding the legs had blown up and just ran back along the road to the start, missing the notorious Gully Rd section.
Gully Rd is a steep evil hill that goes up for 1k after you have run 29k in the bush and hills. Thankfully avoided today.

Total was 25.51ks in 2:21:48. Average pace of 5:33/k. Did I mention the course was H5 and generally considered the Hilliest STaR?

Happy Easter all. Next week is the far easier Pymble Pushover. Only H4. Yeehah!

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Ewen said...

Yes, I remember that one. A tough run!