Sunday, April 18, 2010

North Ryde Ramble STaR 30ks

A good morning for a run. Dew on the grass and plenty of hills and bush to run through.
Started in Marsfield and ran past Macquarie Uni and along the M2 freeway and then down into Lane Cove River Park before coming back out through Scribbly Gums hill.

Then it was past the cemetery and back through the middle of the uni again and back past the start. Then down into the Lane Cove Valley through the back of Epping and ran up to Cheltenham, Pennat Hills and Thornleigh before going back into the bush and along the river valley to the start.

Total was 30.7ks in 2:29:30. Average pace of 4:52/k. Supposed to be H3 and 9ks of bush. Reckon the hills were defintely H4 and even close to Pymbles from last week. Very rough in the bush it was too. Twelve of us started at 6:20am with six going the full distance.

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Ewen said...

Great area for running. Love the trails of LCP.

The water's been warm here too ;)