Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MLR 17ks

Ran from work again and around Centennial Park. Wasn't feeling too good in the lungs on the 2nd lap so cut it short and headed back to work.
Nice and cool out tonight with a full moon.

Total was 17.1ks in 1:22:07. Average pace of 4:48/k.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Recovery 10ks

Since it is a public holiday I got to run in the daylight for once. Well fading afternoon daylight by the sea with a full moon rising. Sounds like a trashy airport novel.

Ran up past Queenscliff Lagoon and back keeping to any grass I could find. Plenty of tourists about today with the good weather.

Total was 10.2ks in 51:34. Average pace of 5:03/k.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

North Head STaR 30ks

Started in Clontarf on a wet morning which had plenty of rain overnight. Rained for about the 1st 2 ks and then stopped for most of the run. Very humid though.

From Clontarf we ran up hill to Balgowlah Heights and around the bush on Dobroyd Head and then down to Balgowlah and along the foreshore to Manly. Fantastic views all over this run.
Then it was up to North Head and around the loop and then back down to Shelly Beach.

Then along the beach to Queenscliff and through Fairlight and the middle of Manly Golf Course. At this point the main group of about a dozen of the 6:20 runners all decided to go short, leaving just Andrew and myself to do the long course. Slackers!!! From there we ran up through Manly Vale, (saw Strider Jenny Wickham near Warringah golf club), and over to Manly Dam and up the bush track. Andrew dropped me going up the stairs in the bush. A pet hate of mine.

From there it was through the streets of Seaforth and down to the Spit Bridge where I caught Andrew again. Then it was a 1k run through the bush back to the start.
Course said 29.2 but we both measured as 30.1ks.
A good hilly STaR again.

Total was 30.1ks in 2:30:37. Average pace of 5:00/k. Thought it was faster than that. Must have been the slow uphill to North Head and the Manly Dam section.

State Road 10k next saturday with Willoughby STaR on sunday. More hills and bush.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Aths NSW Novice 10k

Held at Scarborough Park at Ramsgate this afternoon. Females do a seperate 4k race before us and we do a 10k. 2x3k loops and 2x2k loops to finish.
Sandy, grassy and hot today. 28 degrees and 25k winds, not good for running in.

Finished in 40:42 according to me but in 40:19 according to Aths NSW website. I think they missed a runner in their count as Blue Dog not far ahead was on the time below his real time as well.
Maybe they will fix it?

Anyway my PB for this race was in 2007 in 39:42 so a bit away from that.

Striders A team came first. I wasn't in it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Darley Rd 10x210m Hill Reps

The legs were not feeling too good tonight after yesterdays run.
Just trudged up and down the hill trying to get the reps done as good as possible.

Still managed the 10 reps up and down in the 20 mins. Did a 2k warmup and a 2k cool down after finishing.

Novice 10k on Saturday afternoon at Ramsgate. Hate that grassy, sandy park. No good for anything.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

MLR 21ks

A tough run tonight around the mean streets of Centennial Park. Only had cars, bats and cyclists to deal with tonight. Ran from work and did a couple of laps around the outside of Centennial Park and then ran back to work.
Legs felt really sore.

Total was 21.01ks in 1:40:27. Average pace of 4:46 per klm.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surf club swim, board, flags & run

My ritual drowning for the last round of the year. The swim was average as I had no energy at all, floated in last.
Board paddle was good and I managed a 3rd. My best for the year I think.
In the run I was 4th and the flags I finished 6th I think.

No more events till November.

North Ryde Ramble STaR 30ks

A good morning for a run. Dew on the grass and plenty of hills and bush to run through.
Started in Marsfield and ran past Macquarie Uni and along the M2 freeway and then down into Lane Cove River Park before coming back out through Scribbly Gums hill.

Then it was past the cemetery and back through the middle of the uni again and back past the start. Then down into the Lane Cove Valley through the back of Epping and ran up to Cheltenham, Pennat Hills and Thornleigh before going back into the bush and along the river valley to the start.

Total was 30.7ks in 2:29:30. Average pace of 4:52/k. Supposed to be H3 and 9ks of bush. Reckon the hills were defintely H4 and even close to Pymbles from last week. Very rough in the bush it was too. Twelve of us started at 6:20am with six going the full distance.

Friday, April 16, 2010

2x2k and 1x1k

Ok I just made it up. No schedule you see.
Temp 20 degrees and 78% humidity. Slight 6k Southerly blowing.
Ran along Manly Beach and being Friday night the tourist traffic was down, but the teenagers on skateboards traffic was up. One shit ran after me for a hundred metres before I mouthed off and he stopped.

Reps were 7:20, 7:13 and 3:32. All done with a 4 min walk recovery between each.

Did a 2k warmup and a 2k cool down.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MLR 17ks

Temp 20 degrees. Humidity 61%. Wind 13-17k.

Ran from work up to Centennial Park and did a lap around the outside of the park plus a bit along the racecourse as well before running back to work.

Legs felt very tired from last nights run.

Total was 17.37ks in 1:22:54. Average pace of 4:46/k.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One Hour @ MP

Good conditions to run in. 17 degrees and 63% humidity with not much wind at all tonight.
Ran from Fairy Bower to Brookvale Oval and back. Pretty flat most of the way except for about the last 1k uphill to the Oval.

Total was 14.39ks in 1:00:06. Average pace of 4:10/k. Must have got a bit faster the last couple of k as I neared home.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Barrenjoey Cup 4k

Just made it to my surf club after the run at Pymble this morning. My club has a sand run from the club up to Barrenjoey along the waters edge and back. Generally in its history only 3 people have won it.
Today was no exception. The winner from last year took it out again for the 14th time. The other 2 guys have won it 9 times each.

My legs were slightly stuffed so I was a bit slow off the mark. Probably about 17th after the 1st k. Slowly got faster and managed to finish 10th.

Total was 3.93ks in 17:44. Average pace of 4:30/k along the hard sand.

Pymble Pushover STaR 29ks

Started at West Pymble and ran through Pymble, St Ives, North Turramurra, Turramurra, Wahroonga, Warrawee, South Turramurra and then back along the Lane Cove River valley to West Pymble.
Hardest STaR I have ever done. Much worse than Berowra last week. The hills were unrelenting and we copped a warm wind as well to run with. The 6:20am group started with 10 and ended up as the 3 of us doing the full course.
Hills5 out of 5 and 5ks of bush. Very hard work this morning.

Total was 29.1ks in 2:21:51. Average pace of 4:52 per klm. Can't believe it was that pace with hills and bush. Although running the 3ks down Kissing Pt Rd we were doing 4:20/ks.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

11k @ MP

Not a good idea today. Started at 1pm in Centennial Park when it was 25 degrees and finished nearly an hour later and it had gone up to 27 degrees.
Plus the human and dog traffic in the park was pretty hectic.

Pace was good although a little up and down in patches.

Ran 11.1ks in 46:05. Average pace of 4:09 per klm. A bit too quick. Should have run closer to 46:30 for that.

After that went to watch the Swans beat the Tigers at the SCG.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Darley Rd 10x210m hill reps

Missed the heavy showers that Sydney had in spots late today, but copped 20 degrees and 90% humidity instead. So lovely to run in.

Did 10 reps of the hill. All very slow tonight due mostly to yesterdays run in the legs. Reps were between 55-60 secs up the hill and 60-65 recovery back down.
Did a 2k warmup and a 2k cool down back home.

I'll have to do longer MP runs on the flat then Ewen. All hilly including SMH before CCM.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

MLR 18ks

Dodged the rain and the thunderstorms and went for a run tonight. Ran from work to Centennial Park and did a lap outside of the park as it is now too dark inside with daylight saving over.
Then ran a few of the local streets and back to work.

Total was 18.02ks in 1:20:22. Average pace of 4:27 per klm. Felt quite speedy except up some of the hills near Fox Studios.

Berowra is a good run Ewen with the long busg section down to the ferry. Just the 4k climb back up the road hurts.
P.S Forgot. Pymble is H5 this sunday, but only 5ks of bush. Why are all these hilly Striders STaRs being done before Gold Coast or Christchurch for me?

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Berowra Big Dipper STaR 25ks

Took the long drive up to Berowra this morning. Not many around at all for the STaR, maybe 20 people in total. Must have been Easter Sunday!

The huge 6:20 group of Shaun A and myself ran around for the local streets of Berowra before entering the bush after about 7ks. Then ran down to the Berowra ferry.
From there it was 4ks up the road back to near the start again.

From then we ran away from the start and down Turner Rd into the bush for a k before deciding the legs had blown up and just ran back along the road to the start, missing the notorious Gully Rd section.
Gully Rd is a steep evil hill that goes up for 1k after you have run 29k in the bush and hills. Thankfully avoided today.

Total was 25.51ks in 2:21:48. Average pace of 5:33/k. Did I mention the course was H5 and generally considered the Hilliest STaR?

Happy Easter all. Next week is the far easier Pymble Pushover. Only H4. Yeehah!

Friday, April 02, 2010

MLR 18ks

I know it is late in the week. I've been busy with end of month and Easter.
Was in at work so ran late morning to Centennial Park and did a loop outside of the park. Came across the Waratah's along Moore Park Rd off to do some training.

Then did a loop inside the park. That was a bad idea. Every man, woman, child, bikes, skateboards and dogs were in the way today.

Ran back to work after that.

Total was 18.26ks in 1:25:05. Average pace of 4:39/k. Ok considering the pain behind my shoulder blade when I started off shuffling. Had trouble swinging my left arm properly because of it.