Saturday, June 09, 2007

East Met Cross Country 7.5ks

A very wild and woolly race around Sydney Park in downtown St Peters setup by Randwick-Botany Harriers. The race started and we were hit by stinging rain, blustery winds and water pouring down every available hill. The planes overhead landing at Sydney Airport were making noises like they wanted to land on top of us. And that was just the first lap.

The course was 3 laps of 3 hills of 2.5k's each. Mud from head to toe. It was a lot of fun. No dry parts were left after the race. I had to drive home with the towel on the seat as I was that wet.

My splits were 9:58, 20:02 and then the finish in 30:13. Not bad in really shocking conditions.

Gave Horrie best wishes for a good race at Western States, with Belinda and Tim braving the conditions today as well.


Jen_runs said...

Once again, sounds like perfect running conditions to me - but next time, take a towel & change of clothes !

Eddie said...

Good on you Flakey. I lit a fire and read a book.

Horrie said...

That was a good run Flake. You kept it pretty consistent out there. You weren't wrong about the conditions. I can't remember running in worse conditions. Although, they might be a bit kinder than those I will be experiencing in 2 weeks time.