Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mini-MosMarathon 10ks

Very windy, a little shower before the start and no rain during the race. Lots of water on the course today. The start was delayed by 10 mins apparently because a tree was down on the course somewhere.
Lined up next to Strider Paul Jack and after waiting for the 20 prefferred to line up in front of us we were off. Pretty quick even after an uphill start. Missed the k markers if they had any up early.
The only ones I noticed were the 4k which I reached in 14:42, 6k in 22:19, 8k in 30:30.
It is a tough course in the 2nd half so really all your gains need to be made in the first half, hence the 14:42 at 4k. Just tried to keep it steady after that and pass a few people and not to be passed by anyone.
I came up to the last k and you pass within 30 metres of the finish as you finish running around on the road outside of an oval. I got past what turned out to be the 6th female in the last uphill.
There was a little hairpin turn just before we had the 300m finishing straight. I had 4 males ahead of me about 10m after the turn. With about 200m to go I went and managed to blow the four of them off just as I only beat one by 1 second.

Finished in 38:10.

The wrap up:
3rd in my age group 40-49. A very nice engraved medal.
A course/race PB by 3:47. Last year was 41:57.
Second fastest 10k ever just missing my 38:05 from last month which was on a flat course.

Bring on Striders Homebush next month.


Tom said...

Great time Flake - you're obviously hitting form. Judging by Tom Do Canto's time, you can probably knock a minute off that for a flat course. Interesting to see how well Tim Rowe ran - obviously our 2 hour run last Sunday is paying dividends for him!

Tesso said...

Well done Flakey. Your mantelpiece must be getting crowded.

Jen_runs said...

Sensational time Flakey on a tough course. You are going to have to set aside some time in your training program to polish all your bling soon !

Ewen said...

That's good Paul! Definitely 37 to 37:30 on something flat.