Wednesday, June 20, 2007

ES Marks Track 6x1k Reps

Off to the track for the first time tonight to run these. Only $4 to use the track which is only 1k from the house.
Did a 1.2k warmup. 3 laps what else?

The reps were 3:32, 3:30, 3:28, 3:34, 3:31, 3:32. All done with a 400m Jog Recovery between each rep. Which was about 2 mins.

Finished off with a 2k cool down, or 5 laps.

Felt a bit strange running around the track after not being on it since January.

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Ewen said...

Can't remember if it was '88, but one of my Cent Park 10ks was straight from a bucks party - no sleep. No way these days.

Worth $4, but be careful of doing too much on the hard surface.

Perhaps do the warm-up outside on the grass. Picked up the 'long warm-up' trick from speedygeoff. We used to jog slowly 5-6k or so before track sessions. Saw the Chinese women doing this when they visited Canberra too.