Monday, June 04, 2007

Recovery Run 12.3ks

A light run around Centennial Park tonight. It felt cold out running in a singlet and shorts. I think it was around about 15 degrees. Not really cold I guess.
Just stayed on the grass mostly for the duration of the run.

Ran 12.3ks in 1:08:46. Average pace of 5:35 per klm.

Striders Open Male B team of Fats, Craig Dunn, Blue Dog and myself were third in the relays on Saturday. Helped by Sydney Uni DQ for doubling up runners in the same team. You can do one leg as an open and then one as a 35+, but not the same age group. Striders women got DQ last year at the Road Relays for the same thing.

Anyway we take the third. Not sure if we get sent medals or not.


Tom said...

I should've run B team and got myself some bling. Congrats.

Blue Dog's Mum said...

See what I been tryin' to tell ya?

Run with Lil' Bluey and some of the good stuff will rub off on ya.

Sorry for callin' you a tossa in yesterday's comment ... I'd had an extra glass of sherry.

You're OK Pauline!

Tesso said...

Third - cool!