Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tempo Run 10ks

A pretty flat run around Centennial Park, Moore Park, Aussie Stadium and the SCG. Felt colder than usual. Must have been the cloud missing for the first time in a week.

Ran 10.11 ks in 42:13. Average pace of 4:10 per klm.

Almost getting to the point I want to be at for Sydney Marathon. Did a 2k warm up and a 2k cool down after the session.

Looks like Woodford to Glenbrook is off on Sunday. Now just have the State Long course at Nowra on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately W2G has been moved to the day that I was keen on running the Kembla Joggers half. Looks like W2G wins.


Tesso said...

Almost at the point for Sydney Mara already - that's great. Don't peak too soon ;-) I was just thinking this morning its time to get serious about my Sydney training. Gonna start with a looooong run next weekend at GC.

Ewen said...

I want a pic of you going up the big hill at Willandra.

Buy you a beer if you can beat my W2G 'as a boy' PB - 1:38.