Saturday, June 02, 2007

State Cross Country Relays 4x4k

Gave Sportsman a lift from my office down to Miranda for our run around the park in the State Relays. 4x4k's for us males.
My team, the Open B team was Fats, Blue Dog, myself and Craig D. In that order.

Fats ran 13:29, Blue Dog 15:02, me 14:54, Craig 13:35. Pretty good times considering a grass course with a few up and down hills on it.

Guzzo ran 12:05 on the 1st leg to run 5th. The A team was 5th overall. No mention if the B team came anywhere during the afternoon.

Happy with that run after the 10k race this morning.

Overall for the day 14ks in 53:21. Blue Dog was 53:23. I take the win!
Cutler Dam Fun Run tomorrow.


Gronk said...

Well done on the Land Cove PB and strong run @ Miranda mate. Cutler Dam today ? Do you ever rest these days ?

Tesso said...

Nice day of running for you Flakey. Blue Dog's mum is going to have to give him a bit of a talking to.