Monday, June 25, 2007

Sick as a dog

Don't know when I'll be running again. Have not been this sick since late 2004.


Ewen said...

Bugger. Sorry to hear that Paul. I wanted you to run Willandra!

Tesso said...

Not good :-( Take it easy and get well soon.

On the bright side, if you are going to be sick best to do it when its cold and windy and wet.

Horrie said...

Just use it as a time to have a rest. You have been pushing it very hard for a while. I am sure the body will appreciate the rest.

Jen_runs said...

Take it easy Flakey & don't rush back to soon. Horrie is right - you've been busting a gut in your training since the start of the year so its hardly surprising.

Get well soon !

TA and the Gnome said...

Sometimes our bodies just have to get our attention. Damn. Trust me, you do get better sometime :-).


Dave said...

Join the club :(

Clairie said...

Bloody bugga of a thing!!

Take it easy and seeing as you are resting up make the most of it. Eat well, sleep lots and fully recover before getting stuck back into it.

Maybe look at your goals and do some planning for getting back on track when you are well. At least it will keep your mind focused and occupied when you can't actually run.

Sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly.

Take care,