Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Tempo Run 10ks

A mainly flat run around Centennial Park, Moore Park, Aussie Stadium and the SCG.
I did a 2k warmup before starting the session.

Ran 10.11ks in 42:32. Average pace of 4:12 per klm.

Did a 2k cool down after the session.

Legs felt pretty sluggish tonight.
Realised that on Saturday the Lane Cove course PB streak is still going strong. 46:21(Jun04), 42:30(Jul04), 39:54(Feb05), 39:48(Jun05), 39:20(Nov06), 38:27(Jun07). Helped by injury and work to keep the streak going. Next Lane Cove race is August before City 2 Surf with no holding back on that one.


Tesso said...

What's the C2S goal? Do you qualify for a preferred start or will you have to hang out with we plebs before the gun goes?

Ewen said...

Nice tempo run Paul.

37-something would be a good time for the next Lane Cove PB.

By the way, 15 is not cold. We had about 6C on Monday afternoon.