Saturday, June 02, 2007

Striders Lane Cove 10k

A bit chilly this morning before the start necessitated me actually doing a wamup. So I ran a couple of k's on the course which didn't really get me any warmer.
The finish of the course had been changed due to some work being done on the weir.

I had decided before the start to take it easy as I have the Cross Country Relays this afternoon.
I was pretty steady off the start with the 1st k coming up in 3:40. Just kept running it easy in my opinion and we had to run up Scribbly's further than usual due to the weir works. Came up to the 5k in 19:28. My fastest at Lane Cove for the 5k.

Blue Dog said before the start he was doing a steady under 39mins which was what I was trying as well.
Ran back to the finish dicing up and down the hills with a few runners. Just playing games actually. Let them pass me then take them on the next uphill or downhill. Just felt like I was cruising on the way back.
The finish came up and I did the return split in 18:58 for a finish of 38:26.

A course PB by 54 seconds and my 2nd fastest 10k ever.
Seriously I wasn't pushing really hard. I know you don't believe me. But I had plenty in the tank at the finish. Now I'm off to the relays.

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Ewen said...

I believe you Paul. That's a good time for the park. You'll be well into the 37s soon. Hope the relays went well, and Striders got amongst the medals.