Sunday, December 09, 2007

Duffy's Forest Dilemna STaR

Slept in this morning and missed the start of the 6:20am group going. Eventually caught up with them by taking a shortcut. The run was hilly with heaps of bush trails and water on the course. With rivers to run through. It was fantastic, but bloody humid.
I eventually couldn't handle the pace anymore and was dropped by the group with about 3ks to go. Considering I was running less than the rest it was a worry.

Not to fear I made it back to the start at the Japanese school. Then we had the Striders award Brunch. Bacon and eggs, fruit, croissiants, coffee, rain, awards. Excellent!

Finished with 15ks in 1:17.42. Average pace of 5:10 per klm. Considering it was very hilly and lots of bush tracks, that pace wasn't bad.

Later on in the afternoon played 9 holes of golf at the Terrey Hills course which is close by. Just got in before the hail hit.

If you are wondering what has happened since the last post? Check the Six Foot blog. It's on my profile.

Went out for a late run of only 6.2 ks near Centennial Park which I did in 29:16. Average of 4:43 per klm. Very humid still!

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Eagle said...

You were a busy boy on Sunday !!!