Saturday, December 15, 2007

Homebush Track 3000m

Well after a lot of chaos at work I finally arrived at the track with only 15 mins to go before the race. So consequently no time to warm up at all and I wasn't even mentally switched on to race after what happened at work.
A balmy 27 degrees when the race started and I really wished that I hadn't turned up for the race. The clock didn't work for our race at all which was the open male. It worked for the masters/U17/U20 race after ours.
Didn't press my stopwatch straight away so splits are a bit out.

3:26, 3:40, 3:40. But with not starting the watch straight away they are out of whack. The final time was 10:49. It really was humid out at Homebush.
I think I just retired from the track for the summer. Maybe not Bankstown has a mile race on next week which I might run.
Yes I ran really bad!


Ewen said...

No... you ran really, really bad! Anytime you don't lap me in a 3000 is a shocker.

Sounds like all things were against you for a good race.

I'd be trying to get there an hour before the start to do a 3k+ warm-up, stretches, drills, strides, get the head in the right place, etc.

Good luck at Bankstown!

Jen_runs said...

Don't be too hard on yourself Flakey. Sometimes life (and particularly work) doesn't deal us the best card. Don't retire yet !

Tesso said...

Hey, I wouldn't say you ran really bad, just you didn't run really well. Big difference.