Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Short Hill Reps 16x200m

Ran up the short hill near my house. Legs felt very good. I guess they should as I'm supposed to be using my backside muscles to go up hills more than the legs. Quite hard to focus to get the glutes to work more than the legs.

Each rep was between 50-55 seconds up and about the same back down again.

Got to have a sub 5 min Mile Ewen. Although I have not run under 5mins for my so far two 1500m races. But that was last year and I'm a year older and crankier.

And I've entered for the 1500m on the Sydney Track Classic night. A national Series meet in most of the other events except the 1500m for males. The 800m should have bromley, chisholm etc.. running.


Gronk said...

1500m sounds like a painful experience. Best of luck mate.

Ewen said...

Maybe it's possible if your 3000s were aberrations. 74.6s per 400 is not easy!

Good luck, but I still think it'll be in the 5:10-20 range.