Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Four Minute Mile

Alas not from me. Nor from Ryan Gregson who was out at Bankstown tonight running the mile.

We had about 8 of us in the race, half U18 anf half 35+. Of course I was the 35+ just for this race.
Mucked up starting the watch so just have to do it off memory and the clock at the start line.

First lap of 409m was 1:25. A bit slow maybe, but I intended to start slow and then run faster in the 2nd half of the race.
The 809m mark was reached in 2:52. So 87seconds for the 2nd lap.
From the 800m mark I cranked up the pace passing a runner at the 800m and chased after the next one. I crossed the 1209m mark in 4:15 for an 83 sec lap. Damn there goes the 4 minute mile. I was gaining on the tiring runner in front of me. These 15 year olds just have no stamina. Got to within 20m at the top of the home straight.
I thought he had me 20m out from the finish but I've taken him on the line by 1 second with a late kick. And a 77 sec last lap.

Finished in 5:32.9. So laps of 85(409m), 87, 83 and 77. The mile was fun. I'm really looking forward to the 1500m in January now.


Tesso said...

Fab flying finish Flakey!

Glad you had fun, though I reckon a beer mile would be more fun.

Ewen said...

What about that beer mile WR of 5:09!

Nice race Paul. Good of you to teach a 15-year-old about endurance and the kick finish.

Get out a bit quicker in the 1500 - 4-something would look good in the CV.